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Computer adapters, cables price in Nepal | HDMI | VGMI

Computer Adapters, Cables | Computer adapters, cables price in Nepal | Computer parts 

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computer adapters, cablesA computer adapter in regard to computing can be either a hardware component (device) or software that allows two or more incompatible devices to be linked together for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data. Given an input, a computer adapter alters it in order to provide a compatible connection between the components of a system. Both software and hardware adapters are used in many different devices such as mobile, phones,personal computers, servers and telecommunications networks for a wide range of purposes.Some computer adapters are built into devices, while the others can be installed on a computer's motherboard or connected as external devices.

Cables are hardwares used to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect two or more computers to share printers, scanners etc. Different types of network cables, such as coxial cable, optical fiber cable, and twisted pair cables, are used depending on the network's physical layers, topology , and size. The devices can be separated by a few meters (e.g. via Etheret) or nearly unlimited distances (e.g. via the interconnections of the Internet).

There are several technologies used for network connections. Path cables are used for short distances in offices and wiring closets . Electrical connections using twisted pair or coaxial cable are used within a building. Optical fiber cable is used for long distances or for applications requiring high bandwidth or electrical isolations . Many installations use structured cabling practices to improve reliability and maintainability. In some home and industrial applications power lines are used as network cabling.

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