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Combine Fashion & Eye Protection

Sunglasses are taken as a form of a symbol of high fashion and style all our lives, whereas over 300 years ago, there are the history of sunglasses origin. Sunglasses or Shades for men and women have moved up from being functional gear to making waves on the fashion scene. It is firmly introduced among us as a part of an ensemble by Hollywood actors in the early 20th century; tinted eyeglasses have evolved to be so much more. Being one of the trendiest accessories, their utility factor has increased with our improved knowledge of the harmful effects of UV rays on our eyes, saving our eyes from dust and regular exposure to the sun's harsh rays that can have the same effects of sunburn on our eyes as on our skin. As it is a human phenomenon to squint or frown to protect our eyes from the brightness of a summer day, causing severe headaches. That can be easily solved with a pair of dark shades which can prevent this from happening, as you no longer have to contort your facial muscles to shield your eyes. It is very necessary to wear a good quality of sunglasses, but it is a myth that you have to spend a fortune on stylish sunglasses every time, because wearing a sunglass ideally should be a blend of utility and style. Branded sunglasses give you confidence without compromising the quality of the lenses or your vision.

The versatility of these shades, combined with their style factor, makes them a must-have in your collection. You can opt for different frame styles, lens shades, and frame materials to add variety to your outfits. By browsing through the online sites, you can find some of the best sunglasses offered by Godam from different brands. Endless retail surprises await to be discovered by you at Godam. Conveniently browse through 100% original brands, both local and international.

Stylish Shades with Protection

A well-suited pair of sunglasses can instantly uplift your appearance by elevating the look of any ensemble, making you look bright and attractive. With most brands offering their products online, choosing a pair of trendy latest sunglasses is easier with some classic style categories for both men and women; however, there is no hard and fast rule on what you can or cannot wear. Typically men opt for classic styles like aviators, square, rectangle, wrap-around, wayfarers, or sports eyewear. Among women, types like cat eyes, butterfly, bug-eye, and shield frames are more popular.

Here is a look at some of the different kinds of styles you will find on Godam.


Any list of sunglasses would not be complete without Aviators on it. This quintessentially American style was first developed by the US military in 1935 as part of the uniform headgear. Since then Aviators have had a colourful journey in films, runways and street style.


These trapezoidal sunglasses get their names from those who like to travel by foot or a ‘wayfarer’. Their design captures the free spirit of the traveller who has a thirst to explore and is always up for a journey.


 If you are someone who has a taste for retro fashion or embraces the dramatic flair of a cat, these sunglasses should fit the bill. The upsweep of the outer edges of the frame gives them a distinctly exaggerated look that makes a bold fashion statement instantly.


These are often referred to as ‘teashades’ and were a favourite choice of many pop icons of the sixties and seventies. Such sunglasses are quite versatile as they come in many sizes and you can pick the one that suits your face shape ideally.

However, most of these styles have been rendered gender-neutral, providing more variety for you. Colors conventionally considered more masculine or feminine are no longer treated that way. Some really bold and outlandishly stylish sunglasses are available for your consideration. You can well buy colors like white, pink, or reflector unisex eyewear, as long as they suit your face cut. Once used only by army men, aviators are a rage among women too. Beyond protecting their eyes, many people choose sunglass lens colors for aesthetic reasons. But the reds, greens, browns, yellows, blues and other tints of your sunglass lenses can enhance contrasts, color perception, reduce eye fatigue and improve your enjoyment of everyday activities in all kinds of light conditions.

Style Inspiration for Sunglasses

Below are a few simple ideas from Godam that you can be inspired by to look your best in various kinds of sunglasses.

  • When you’re getting ready for outdoor engagements or some sporty look, a pair of sports sunglasses is an essential with performance leggings, a fitted t-shirt and a zipped up jacket. For footwear, go with sneakers apt for your choice of sport and you are all set.
  • If you plan on hanging out by pool side for a day be ready with your most oversized frames that you own. Along with that flowy maxi dress would be a smart choice to wear over your swimwear along with any of the wide-rimmed sun hats that you own and a large tote bag.
  • A summer party wear for a cocktail can be tricky. When in doubt always make a cut with sunglasses with any ensemble. You can pair up a well-tailored, fitted linen suit in a pastel shade such as pistachio green. Groom your hair with gel, wear a slim tie and horseshoe loafers to finish the look.
  • For a daytime wedding wear an ornamental framed shades that can add that extra bling to your attire.

Whether you are looking for high-end brands of eyewear or popular ones, you can find them all at Godam. To get to know the specifications, we provide you the opportunity to look at the products, compare prices, and even check their popularity before you buy sunglasses online. Many buyers treat them as collectibles and like to keep multiple shades to enhance their appearance while keeping in mind the safety aspects as well. It is important that you get maximum utility and style from your purchase.

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