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Cooling products, heating products price in Nepal| heater| fan |HVAC

Cooling, Heating Products at Affordable Price in Nepal | Godam

At Godam we have the best Cooling, Heating products in Nepal. Buy high quality cooling & heating products online with us at budget price.

Cooling products, Heating productsHumans have always desired modern technology to make their lives happier, healthier and smarter in every aspect. If we look at the advances made in the field of home appliances in the past years, we will note a major improvement in features, characteristics and introduction of new appliances. Beat the sultry heat by bringing home a cooling appliance. Change your hot summer days into cool and comfortable days with cooling products. One must be tired of tossing and turning all night long due to the hot breeze that grows at night especially in tropical countries like Nepal, which are majorly affected in the Terai region. You must be unable to sleep and stay indoors because of the heat. If you’re bugged by these issues, then this products are for you.


At godam, we offer you the best cooling products to tackle the sweaty temperature and give you sense of mild comfortness. You can choose among the variety of products. You just have to confirm the order and the next thing you see is the product is knocking your door. 

Staying warm in winter is always the immense need of every being. Wearing warm clothes only doesn't keep you safe from cold and breezes. Heating Products help to keep your body as well as your room warm and promise you comfortness. Get your heating products and keep yourself safe from this cold.

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