Mr.Fix 9H Paint Care Car Polish Liquid Ceramic Coat Anti-scratch Auto Detailing Glasscoat Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating

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Product Highlights

  • Super hydrophobic glass coating, h9 hardness
  • Act as a sacrificial barrier coating over the surface of your car's coat
  • Protect your car from aging, fading, weather and sunlight erosion, acid rain, industry powder, etc
  • To avoid car scratches, so that the car is more shiny as new
  • Type: Car/Motorcycle liquid ceramic coat
  • Material: Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc
  • Hardness: 9H hardness
  • Durability: 3-5 years
  • Coating Thickness: 30um
  • Gloss: Excellent high gloss effect, shiny as mirror
  • Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degree
  • Consumption: 30ML
  • Bottle Size: As the picture

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Here's a breakdown of its features:

  1. Mr.Fix: This is likely the brand name of the product.

  2. 9H Paint Care: "9H" is a hardness rating used in the ceramic coating industry, indicating a high level of protection against scratches and abrasions. "Paint care" suggests that the product is intended to protect and enhance the paintwork of a car.

  3. Car Polish: This implies that the product can be used to polish the surface of the car, potentially removing minor imperfections and restoring shine.

  4. Liquid Ceramic Coat: Indicates that the product contains ceramic nanoparticles that form a protective layer when applied to the car's surface. Ceramic coatings offer durable protection against UV rays, chemicals, and contaminants, helping to maintain the car's appearance.

  5. Anti-scratch: The ceramic coating is designed to provide resistance against scratches, keeping the car's paintwork looking newer for longer.

  6. Auto Detailing: Suggests that the product is suitable for use in professional auto detailing, where meticulous cleaning, polishing, and protection of a vehicle's exterior are performed.

  7. Glasscoat Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating: This indicates that the product can also be applied to glass surfaces, providing a super hydrophobic (water-repelling) coating. This feature helps to repel water, dirt, and other contaminants, making it easier to keep the car clean.

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Ratings & Reviews of Mr.Fix 9H Paint Care Car Polish Liquid Ceramic Coat Anti-scratch Auto Detailing Glasscoat Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating

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