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Yoga Mat - Buy High Quality Yoga Mat Online

Rs. 750

Product Highlights

  • Length: 183cm 
  • Width: 61cm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Color: Blue, Grey
  • Material: PVC material
  • Non-slippery
  • Design: Dotted
  • Affordable cost
  • Strong grip
  • Comfortable and Durability
  • Non-slippery
  • No curling edge
  • Easy unroll
  • Chemical-free

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Godam presents your yoga mat to cope up with your everyday routine. Grab your yoga mat at a budgeted price in Nepal.

Get the yoga mat at an affordable cost

If you are a yoga lover, then you should please yourself with a comfortable and calm environment. 

To start up your day with positive vibes Godam presents you non-slippery yoga mat that is comfortable. Our PVC-based yoga mat has a dotted pattern so that you can have a stronger grip even if you sweat during your yoga/ exercise.

In addition, the thickness of our yoga mat is 7mm with 183 cm length and 61 cm width which is suitable for any body type. The PVC yoga mat in Nepal is durable and you can get it at a budgeted price. Also, the yoga material is chemical-free and is available in two colors as blue and grey.

How to choose the right yoga mat for you?

The right yoga mat for you can be defined depending upon every individual physical appearance. You can stick to your height, weight, and exercise/ yoga type to choose the perfect yoga mat.

But here are some of the measures through which you can get the ideal yoga mat for you.

Thickness & Weight

As the length of the yoga mat is one of the important attributes; the thickness and its weight also matter. The ideal thickness of the travel yoga mat is 3.15mm and 0.4 kg whereas the criteria for the home yoga mat has other standards.

Generally, at home, the perfect thickness for a yoga mat is from 6mm to 7mm as this will help you perform some difficult yoga poses. In addition to it, if the yoga mat has thickness more it is obvious that it will weigh more but you can perform your intense yoga poses without any difficulties in the yoga mat.

Mat Material Type

There are variants of types of yoga mats as PVC, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), eco/ natural mats. The PVCs are plastic-based yoga mats that have excellent durability and more grip. But, when you sweat heavily you might slip because of plastics. In addition, these PVCs yoga mats are latex-free so it is the best choice for people having latex allergies.

The next widely used material in your yoga mats is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is a mixture of rubber and plastic. These yoga mats are generally man-made but have less durability than PVC. These yoga mats can be recycled.

If you are nature conscious, you can choose eco/ natural mats as your yoga mats. These yoga mats have sustainable natural rubbers, jute, or even organic cotton which may cost you more and the durability may be less. Besides that have lesser grip in comparison to other yoga material type. 

Textured/ Dotted Yoga Mat

The next thing you should keep in your mind while you are choosing a yoga mat for you is to choose a textured yoga mat. These prevent you from slipping even if you are sweating heavily. Besides that, it creates a grip on your floor so you can have an amazing experience with your yoga mat.

Some yoga mats are textured while some have dots on them; so you choose yours as per your need.

The durability of Yoga Mat

The durability of a yoga mat depends upon the material of your respective yoga mats. If you want your yoga mat to be durable enough you can try using PVC yoga mats whereas if you want your yoga mat to be reusable and durable at the same time you can switch to TPE yoga mats.

Lastly, if you want your yoga mat to cope up with the environment you can use eco yoga mats which are less durable.


As the durability of yoga mats; the cost of the yoga mats depends upon the material of your yoga mats.

The PVCs yoga mats are less in price and have greater performance. Though the TPE may cost you a little more than that of PVC yoga mat in Nepal. You can still purchase the eco yoga mats that are expensive and less durable.

If you want to buy a PVC yoga mat at an affordable cost you can just place an order at Godam.

Easy washable

Besides that, an ideal yoga mat should be easily washable and cleaned. You can choose the PVC yoga mat to get an easy wash.

However, Godam presents you with the yoga mat having 183 cm in length and 61 cm in width. Besides that, the yoga mat is 7mm thick.

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What is the price of yoga mat in Nepal?
The price of yoga mat in Nepal is Rs 999.